Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the proposed stock transfer at Grove Park, please check out the frequently asked questions below.

Why might my landlord be changing?

L&Q want to continue to provide the best possible housing services for the residents of Grove Park and support local housing providers to grow. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in Grove Park since 2008 and think that Phoenix Community Housing, as a local resident-led organisation, are well placed to continue this work and provide an excellent service to you. The transfer will also enable L&Q to help fund the development of even more new, high quality homes in South London.

Who are Phoenix Community Housing?

Phoenix was created in 2007 following a stock transfer by Lewisham Council and a positive ballot of residents. It owns and manages 6,300 homes in the borough and has the highest regulatory status for governance and viability.

Phoenix works very closely with Lewisham Council and two councillors sit on its board. This transfer would strengthen local accountability for Grove Park residents. Phoenix would work with the council to improve all aspects of the Grove Park area, building on its successes in Bellingham, Downham and Whitefoot.

Phoenix is locally based and their head office is at The Green Man, which is only two miles away from Grove Park. As a resident-led association, if Phoenix became your landlord, they would be keen to involve you in the decisions they make and the services they provide.

What is a stock transfer?

A stock transfer is a process which sees the ownership of homes being transferred from one organisation to another, for example from a council to a housing association. At Grove Park, the transfer would be between two housing associations.

When would the stock transfer happen?

We’re in the early stages of this process and nothing will be finalised without a formal consultation with you about a proposed new landlord.

If it goes ahead, any transfer is likely to happen towards the end of 2021 and we’ll make sure we keep you regularly updated.

In the meantime, your tenancy will continue as it is now, and L&Q will carry on doing repairs and providing other services as normal so please contact us in the usual way.

Would my tenancy or lease be affected?

No, you would keep your existing tenancy or lease agreement. There would be no changes to any of the terms of your agreement without your written consent.

Would my rent increase?

No, your rent wouldn’t increase because of a change of landlord. However, your rent will continue to be reviewed each year as set out in your tenancy agreement and a new landlord may apply rent increases slightly differently.

Would my service charge be affected?

No, you’d continue to pay any service charges as set out in your tenancy or lease agreement. Any new landlord would make sure you received good value for money for services and would consult you on any significant changes they wanted to make.

Who’ll be doing repairs and maintenance during the consultation period?

L&Q will continue to carry out any repairs and maintenance that we’re responsible for under the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Could I buy my home if the stock transfer process went ahead?

In certain circumstances this could be possible. If you’d like to know if this option’s available, please contact us on 0300 456 9996  or RTB/

Can I talk to you directly about the proposed transfer?

Yes, of course. If you have any questions or comments about the proposal, please get in touch with Eve Mouser Smith on 02081892648 or


How will I be able to give my views on the transfer?

We will write to you again before the consultation process starts to give you more information about the proposed transfer and how you can give us your views. In the meantime, please go to the feedback section of the website where you can complete our online feedback form.

Why are surveys needed at Grove Park and what will happen during the internal survey?

As part of the transfer proposals, we need to understand the current condition of the properties at Grove Park.

An experienced team of surveyors from Calford Seaden have been appointed to undertake these surveys and will be visiting Grove Park between Monday 29th March and the end of June 2021 to visually inspect the inside of some of the homes. They will also be undertaking visual surveys of the external, communal and shared areas during this period.

The internal survey should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete. The surveyor will need to look in every room and may make some notes, take measurements and possibly take photos (with your permission). For your security, they’ll be carrying photo ID and will also have a letter of authority on L&Q headed paper.

Who should I contact to book an internal survey of my home?

To arrange the visual survey of your home, please contact Beth Bosteels at Calford Seaden directly on:

Phone: 01689 888222

Mobile: 07921 234895



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